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You are using the CS:GO generator on your own risk. We are not responsible for any damages you may cause using the game resources gained her. Right now this is safe. No account has been banned.We are constantly improving security. We have introduced restrictions to 5000 skins per day.

One account = 1 skin per 24h

You can`t choose which skin you want. You can choose weapon and generator will draw a random skin. Skin will be added within 15 minutes.

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How to use cs go free skins generator
Enter steam name and choose weapon to which you want skin. We recommended select option "Enable proxy". If you want you can select the second option, then you will get 1 skin every day. Daily limit is 5000 skins. First come first served. The counter resets at 00:00. The last what you must do is verification. At the beginning when we made generator without verification, some people abused that and they added a lot of skins for one time. CS:GO free skins is an advanced script that gives benefits for us and you. We derive profits from advertising and affiliate program and you get free skins. Before you write a letter on the error, check that you have the current version of the browser. We recommend that you use google chrome and mozilla firefox. If errors still occur check that you have the current version of all supported additives such java, flash. Also, turn off Adblock, it can block some parts of our site.


How to get cs go free skins

How does it work ? It`s easy! We earn on google adsense. From those money, we can give skin for you and still have money for ourself. This is why we don`t offer skins for knife. So as you can se we are not fake. It`s really works. We have a lot of satisfied users. If you have any questions you can contact with us - write to help@csgo-generator.com We will reply within 24h. Remember - more people visit out site = more skin to generate. Earn money with us. How ? Generate several skins, and go play on cs bet. In this way you can easily and quickly increase the number of skins for free. Free cs go skins are available all day and all night, we have very powerful servers so it`s withstand any overload. This metod is better to earn than normal sale on steam. We can advise on strategy. With our help you can get more than solo. If you run your website, blog, fanpage or channel on youtube and you're willing to take the cooperation write to us. We offer a variety of conditions for cooperation and offer appropriate remuneration dependent on the number of visitors to your website and how to promote. We take off cooperation with the parties in the gaming category. If you have an idea for a website and want to be our founder and at the same time partner write to us. We will analyze your idea, we will present a possible plan of action and cooperation conditions and rates.

April 02, 2015 We changed the page template. Now the page works faster and better.

March 29, 2015 Testing new feature like a "Proxy". We bought unlimited proxy service to protect your accounts !.

March 5, 2015 Unfortunately the generator is not working on google chrome. We fixed this bug.

February 17, 2015 Change protection and veryfication system.

For advertisers

Our site has been built on html and php, the entire system is programmed in java script so if you are interested in working, go to the end of the text. If you're an advertiser to read more because you will find a lot of important information. As a company we have a lot of sites and applications. Our most popular application is to play cs it, and on it the most focus. It works in real time in the game, but it must be fired at your computer all the time. We have the possibility to implement advertising applications, eg. Those which appear in the application window displayed on the screen in a separate window or something like side bar with a variety of ads displayed without interruption. Each option has pros and cons, but it will not interfere with users using the application so we can all agree on. We do not want to connect a side bar with an ad pop-out because it is too intrusive even if our application is free, and this action will be understood by users. We care about our customers and the good name of the company, we want to continually evolve. We only accept the offer related to the sector in which it occurs application. I think that you too do not you offer us advertising inadequate to the content because they can not bring you profits. If you wish to send full cooperation analysis of traffic and users to customize offer. The part also includes sponsored offers for eg. A similar software. We are able to promote it, offer to sell at a discount in order to better marketing. We are also looking people to the company when creating new projects sites and applications. Our company has been in existence three years and have stability in the market and a rich offer jobs for new ones. We require the availability of 5 days a week for about 6 hours. Mandatory skills are knowledge of php, html, javascript, java, msql and knowledge of design patterns. Work is remote, you can work at home at the computer chatting with team members via skype. Players cs him on all maps can use our software. We need to update the code up to date with any updates from the valve. Any modification of the code affects the proper functioning of the application. Keep an eye on the first to know all the news about the update, you must also note that not all updates are published especially if these are only cosmetic changes, which for us are also important. We plan enter the function only available for premium users. We are looking at a monthly subscription or a one-time fee. If you want to work with us you have to be able to make both types of payment and to protect it from scams. The game is available a huge amount of skins and each has a different value. You should vigilantly watch the market on Steam in order to control the quantity of skins. Very often they are introduced amendments skins that have an impact on our application code. Often are introduced entirely new types of skins, then we have a very fast rush of adding them to our generator, keep the customers happy. For each weapon and a skin must have a separate script, which will connect to the database and the equivalent account player. This requires adequate knowledge of programming languages and databases. In case of problems, we offer a few hours of training, which should fill any gaps.